The MSU Writing Center graduates its second group of Certified Writing Tutors!

College of humanities and fine arts


Megan Epperson, Laura Guebert, and Jessie Hedrick

For the second year in a row, the Racer Writing Center graduated a cohort of three new certified writing tutors from its internship program. The program, which began in 2015 thanks to a Golden Key Fellowship, aims to provide experiential learning and professionalization for students interested in working in writing centers and other writing-intensive careers after graduation. Interested students are invited to apply during the spring semester of each year to complete the program the following fall.

Students who participate engage in a weekly one-hour class; they observe consultations; they work in the center for three hours a week; they design and present a workshop as a cohort to the campus community; they write and submit a short article about writing center practice to an appropriate journal. After ten weeks of observation and study, interns begin consulting with clients in tandem with a…

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An Open Letter to Joy Behar

According to Kateri

As many of you have seen, Miss Colorado delivered a beautifully spoken monologue about nursing during last week’s Miss America pageant. Recently, on The View as the pageant was discussed, Miss Colorado’s scrubs were referred to as a costume, and Joy posed the question of why she was wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope.” Below is my now calmed down reply to all of it. Additionally, I would like to personally and publicly congratulate Kelley Johnson RN on her chosen talent, it is one that will reward you forever. 

Dear Joy Behar,

A beautiful woman in a beauty pageant put on baggy clothes and humbly walked across the stage to talk proudly about her career, and her passion for caring for other human beings, and the only thing you could muster in response was an insult grounded in ignorance.

Rather than being offended or getting angry, I will instead, take a moment to teach.

I am…

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